Hi, My name is Irsyad and I'm

a Multidisciplinary Designer

I have been a designer since 2017 and have 3+ years of experience working as a Product Designer in various industries with a focus on Web3 & AI products. Also an Apple Developer Academy Graduate!

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About me

I leverage design to solve complex problems and enhance user experiences. My approach blends creativity with functionality, delivering products that not only look stunning but also align with business goals and technical feasibility. From concept to execution, I bring ideas to life with a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovation.

I’m also quite the explorer, learning any new skills on my free time. Recently, I explored quite a bit about 2D Game Artist and even succesfully made a game!

Featured works

Website redesign: A UX-Driven approach to Conversion Rate Optimization for retail investors

VegaX landing page, the gateway to their investment products, was plagued by a low conversion rate and a high bounce rate. These metrics indicated that a substantial proportion of visitors were leaving the site without taking any action, signaling a need for immediate improvement.

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BUIDL for flexibility: Design system that adapts to user needs & increase design efficiency

In the world of Web3, things are always changing, and so are user preferences and needs. To keep up with these ever-evolving demands, we needed a design system that could adapt seamlessly. So, I set out to create a system that would not only adapt to user preferences but also empower both users and developers. I will use Figma as a tool to achieve this

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Building an Intermittent Fasting App designed exclusively for Women

FeminaFast focus on the problem women have due to their special needs. Women's hormone cycle affects their metabolism, mood swing, and their well being. Going through the journey of making this app as best as possible, we learn a lot of nutrition, hormone, psychology, etc. It makes us feel different because as men, we also could take part in the journey of empowering women. We develop this app with our mother, sister, girlfriend, and wife in mind. We hope it will help them in their lifetime.

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Zoomageddon: combining a popular genre bullet-heaven with base-building

I'm a long time gamer and I wanted to create a game. But not just a game, the game has to be unique and can penetrate through competitive market. Our passion for games fuels our desire to create something truly unique and profitable. We made a game where bullet-heaven meets base-building with cute animals characters.

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What others say about me

Veronica Stevany
VP of Design @VegaX Holdings

Irsyad is a skillful UI/UX designer specializing in design system creation. He is always keeping himself updated with new technology and trend in design which amazed me with his enthusiasm. Not to mention that he is always eager to learn and do full research on the industry which he's going to create the design for, even if it's a very complicated product, he's able to understand it.

Irsyad also has good time management. He did a great job of managing his time to work on a couple of projects at the same time and provide high-quality designs as well. I recommend Irsyad to any company looking for UI/UX designers as he always goes above and beyond in any of his roles.

Okthiane Tjitasura
Senior Designer @VegaX Holdings

I work with Muhammad Irsyad R. in the same company and also on the same team, he is a very capable UI/UX designer, he also very open and very helpful about the design, feedback and any related things to UI/UX. Irsyad also has a really good portfolio with his UI/UX as you can see in his profile.

To be honest, working with Irsyad is very easy as he knows what he is doing. I strongly recommend him to any company looking for a UI/UX designer, Web Designer or a Product Designer! Cheers to you!

Maud Frichement
Product Manager @Konstellation

Irsyad is an excellent designer, and it's always a pleasure to work with him. I collaborated with Irsyad on a few projects about blockchain and defi, where he was working on the UX/UI design. We both had to improve existing products or create new innovative products from scratch. Irsyad was always coming up with new ideas, being very thorough and open to critics and changes. 

Working with someone like Irsyad, who is always willing to learn and try more techniques, was a pleasure as a product manager. I've loved my experience working with Irsyad, and I know that anyone looking to hire or work with him will, too.

Evan Tjoa
Co-Founder @Rapid.co.id

I am delighted to write a LinkedIn recommendation for Irysad, a highly skilled UI/UX designer who has been an invaluable asset to our company. Irsyad has been instrumental in designing and enhancing our company website and dashboard, showcasing their exceptional talent and expertise in the field.

One of Irsyad's standout qualities is their exceptional communication skills. They actively listen to client requirements, ensuring a thorough understanding of project objectives. He effectively communicates their design ideas and rationale, making it easy for Rapid team to grasp the vision and provide valuable feedback. This open and transparent approach has fostered strong working relationships and seamless collaboration with cross-functional teams. Irsyad is definitely someone whom our company will work with again in the future times. Kudos!

Work Experiences

Product Designer @ Hexacode
(Web3 Agency, Indonesia-based)
Product Designer @ Apple Developer Academy
(Apprenticeship, Indonesia-based)
UI/UX Designer @ Konstellation & VegaX Holdings
(Web3 Company, Korea-based)
UI/UX Design Intern @ Buyback.ai (now Reusely)
(SaaS Company, US-based)
Graphic Designer Intern @ Skill Academy Ruangguru
(EdTech Company, Indonesia-based)
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Wanna be starting something?

Are you searching for a designer who not only understands the importance of design but also its impact on your business? I'm currently seeking new opportunities and would love to discuss how my multidisciplinary approach can elevate your projects. Reach out to me and explore the possibilities.